Lauren Guy, Psy.D. - Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Consultant
Treatment Services  
Guided process and exploration with individuals, couples and families.  Sessions are designed to gently identify areas of emotional and environmental distress.  Together we will examine life history, interpersonal dynamics and patterns of coping to build avenues for future healing and effective management of psychological symptoms.  Sessions are typically 50-80 minutes in length.
Wellness Coaching
Guided self-exploration to promote overall balance and health.  I will help you identify core beliefs and values to regenerate life passions and goals.   Examples of wellness goals include stress reduction, organization, weight loss, sobriety, increased focus, maximized performance and mastery of other life challenges.  Sessions are typically 50 Minutes in Length.
Psychological Assessment for Weight Loss Surgery
Dr. Guy provides comprehensive assessment for individuals who are seeking weight loss surgery.  The assessment process includes a clinical interview, a battery of testing measures and a final report, meeting the criteria required by insurance companies and surgeons.  

Psychological Consultation
Dr. Guy is available for consultation for individuals and businesses on psychology and health topics.
I look forward to working with you.
Please contact Dr. Guy to discuss session fees, insurance and payment options.
You can reach Dr. Guy at 805-377-3734 or via email at
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